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Thank you to those that attended the AMOSC Member Forums in Perth on Wednesday 2nd April and in Sydney on Friday 28th March.

The forums generated positive and valuable feedback and we trust that the information provided was beneficial to you as our members.

Please view the following link to a copy of the material presented at the Perth forum.

We look forward to your attendance at our member forums later in the year.

Melbourne – Monday October 20th
Perth – Wednesday October 22nd

2014 Training Calendar

All 2014 course bookings will be placed through our training website. Payments and Geelong accommodation will be managed through this new booking process. Course enrolment will not be permitted unless credit card payment is made at the time of booking.

Bulk bookings of 4 or more people on any one course can be made by contacting AMOSC directly, all other bookings will need to be made through the online system.

Subsea First Response Toolkit (SFRT)

The SFRT toolkit has now arrived into the Oceaneering yard at Henderson WA. AMOSC has been involved in the sourcing and procurement of the third global subsea dispersant and debris clearance toolkit which is destined for Australian Industry use. The toolkit will be based in Perth with a dispersant stockpile to support subsea injection of dispersant. There are currently 13 foundation members of this toolkit based in Australia. AMOSC owns this equipment on behalf of the 13 members with Oceaneering Australia storing and maintaining this equipment. For more information, please refer to the brochure.

Aerial Surveillance Course

AMOSC will be conducting another Industry Aerial Surveillance course in late September for two member companies and staff from WA Dept of Transport. 

The 2 days course will be conducted in Exmouth and will focus on teaching industry responders the practical elements of aerial surveillance in support of an oil spill incident. 

The course provides fundamental theory around oil spill incidents, classification of oil and surveillance techniques and culminates in a practical flight evaluation where participants are involved in pre-flight briefings, surveillance operations and post-flight analysis and data presentation.   

AMOSC now seeks interest from member companies who may require this capability.  Further information can be found in the course information flyer.

Oiled Wildlife Response Capability

AMOSC will become the coordinator for OWR for AMOSC members with several key milestones being undertaken in the next few weeks.  There are now 2 x 20ft containers owned by AMOSC for member companies to access during an OWR incident. One container is held at Fremantle and the second container is located at Geelong. 

AMOSC and Apache Energy are working with the Departments of Parks and Wildlife (WA) to create a common strategic OWR plan underpinned by several regional plans for Western Australia. This work is being funded by 8 AMOSC member companies and will bebefit industry and government alike. The plans will hold details around food sourcing for the injured animals, water for cleaning and suitable OWR sites in the WA areas.

AMOSC will work with several OWR providers to build the WA capacity for industry – this will be a medium term focus for medium term outcomes to be met.


OSRL and AMOSC Alliance Agreement

OSRL and AMOSC have re-signed the alliance agreement that allows for interchanging of equipment, personnel, knowledge and information for preparedness and response issues. This is a 3 year extendable agreement that will benefit Australian industry by having AMOSC act as the callout authority for OSRL for mutual members of both organisations during an Australian based incident.

Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre (AMOSC) & Industry Consultation under the Offshore Petroleum & Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2011

To assist members prepare environmental plans and oil spill contingency plans, AMOSC has prepared the following guidance note. Click here.



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